Honey, is a short one-act drama exploring the relationship between a young prostitute and her long-term client. The site-specific production, takes place inside Honey’s motel room where she entertains her Johns. Rather than observing the show from behind the safety of the fourth wall, this production, places audiences a few steps away from Honey’s bed.


The newly renovated, Ivy City Hotel, is located in the heart of Ivy City, DC’s up-and-coming new neighborhood off New York Avenue. Upon arrival, attendees check-in at the lobby, receive a room key and enter the world of Honey. Each show limited in seating, intimate and a truly authentic experience. 

Honey Web-2.jpg

"The impressive script, acting chops and intimate space make Honey worth driving nearly two hours for, even if it’s just for a taste of this exciting company’s work."

DC Metro Theater Arts


Walter Parker Jr. and Palesa Pryor in Honey.

Photo by Shot on Purpose Photography.

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